Mother’s Day.

As it's Mother's Day today I thought I would share a few photos of my Mom. Throwing it back to the early 90's, my Mom was clearly into her floral prints and I had multi-coloured hair. These pictures are from my first holy communion and my confirmation, before I'd grew into my head. I was... Continue Reading →


Meet Pixie

I would like to introduce my new kitten, Pixie. Pixie is 14 weeks old. She is a calico cat, a mixture of white, ginger and dark brown markings. I got her a couple of weeks ago as a surprise for my boyfriend, Craig. We had mentioned that we'd like to get another cat in the... Continue Reading →


This week I spent a few days in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I went with my cousin and my Nan and it was actually a birthday present from us to her. She doesn't get much time to herself so we decided to take her away on a girls trip. We chose Edinburgh as we... Continue Reading →

Meet Minnie ♥

I would like to introduce my cat Minnie. Minnie is three and a half years old. She only has one eye and she is beautiful. Minnie was born with two eyes but had to have the other removed after she got ran over by a car when she was just over a year old. Minnie... Continue Reading →

Birthday celebrations.

Happy Birthday to me. I know a lot of people hate January and it is often described as 'the Monday of months' but I've always loved it because of my birthday. I like to really milk it and make the most out of celebrating it and this year was no exception ...   Tuesday 16th... Continue Reading →

A productive Sunday!

I generally tend to do very little with my Sundays. I like to have a lie in and spend the day being lazy around the house. The most I'd usually do is go to the gym or pop out for Sunday lunch somewhere. Today however, has been a very different kind of Sunday!    ... Continue Reading →

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